Dominique Renda Life Coach

Private Coaching

A skilled professional coach integrates powerful questions, active listening, reflected clarity, intuition, a co-created course of action, encouraging support, mutually designed accountability, acknowledgement, and a range of compelling and creative tools to help the client deepen understanding of themselves and take the actions needed to achieve true fulfillment.

Life Coaching is an experience you choose because you really do want change and you want it now.

Getting Started:

  • It starts with an email or a call from you to me. Ask me all your questions about coaching. It’s a fun and exciting process.
  • Decide if you are ready to begin coaching and to start making changes now (it’s all possible, you have what it takes).
  • I will send you information forms that will include thought-provoking questions, and we will set a date for a two-hour discovery session by phone.
  • During our discovery session we will design our coaching partnership, talk about where you are now, your feelings and thoughts, and explore your vision of yourself and your future. You will choose several areas of focus that you want to address while creating greater balance and fulfillment in all areas of your life.
  • After this initial session we will meet by phone for 45-minute coaching sessions every other week. In each session we will work with your chosen topic for that day, and check in on progress in your areas of primary focus. Each coaching session will end with an inquiry for you to think about and/or an agreed-upon action step for you to move forward in the time between sessions.
  • Between sessions you will be integrating your coaching work into your life and you will have my email support as needed.
  • I ask for a commitment to the two-hour discovery session and a three-month coaching period. Some clients complete their chosen goals in three months while others retain continued coaching support.

Coaching is a powerful relationship designed to support your move forward into the happy, balanced, fulfilling life of your dreams.