Dominique Renda Life Coach


“Dominique’s life-coaching has been extremely helpful and transformative. She is compassionate, empathetic, and able to help me ‘cut to the chase.’ She’s a real member of my ‘team,’ ready to root for my successes and help me find the light at the end of my tunnels. I would recommend Dominique to anyone for life coaching. It is her true calling.”
Zanna K.
Independent Business Owner

“My experience of coaching was so different than my expectations. I guess, going in, that I was expecting some kind of ‘habits of highly effective people,’ with lists and organizing skills. Instead I got a wonderful chance to strengthen the values that are important to me, and find avenues to live those values in more areas of my life. Dominique helped me sort out things I had trouble seeing on my own, like what would be a fun and achievable goal for my music, and then she kept after me to get it done. After a few weeks of coaching I started getting my groove back and felt much more like myself in my own life. The upshot is that I found this kind of work extremely valuable, and it helped me make concrete changes in my approach to my art that resulted in great progress in my career. I recommend Dominique unreservedly to anyone who wants to break out of a boring place in their life, their career, their habits and expectations.”
Stephanie N.
Musician, Composer, Therapist, Parent

“The life coaching I received from Dominique changed the way I view my life, making me more aware of possibilities and the ability I have to achieve and get what I want in life. Sort of like realizing you’ve been confined in a self-imposed prison, and have just been given the keys to get out.”
Durant C.
Engineer, Consultant

“Dominique’s coaching moved me through the frustration of being stuck and into a clear vision and realization of living this life I love. I have been able to find and connect with my desires, interests, and energy (which I thought was long gone). My life looks very different now than it did before Dominique’s coaching. Thank you!”
Stella L.
Writer, Teacher, Traveler

“I could see our terrific kids leaving home for college and I felt my world becoming smaller and smaller. I wondered how to adjust and how I would make my daily endeavors, my marriage and my friendships spark alive again; so much energy and connection had been centered on raising our kids. I explored working with a life coach, a new idea to me. When I began coaching with Dominique, it was my turning point! Dominique’s wise and intuitive coaching opened my view and beliefs on what was possible for me. She offered me the right questions, a remarkably supportive environment and a safe place to feel, speak, and explore. Coaching has offered me the opportunity to re-meet the woman I am now, to re-establish my self-confidence, and to understand that there is more for me. The momentum of our coaching has been stunning. Dominique’s coaching moved me out of confusion and loss and into self-awareness, gratitude, renewed confidence and an exciting vision. The surprise result: I stepped into a fresh life at 51, becoming the person I imagined I could be! Thank you, Dominique!”
Sarah J.

“Dominique coaches with spirit and heart. She has a powerful awareness of the mind-body-spirit connection. As her client, I feel held, encouraged, and supported through the challenges, the insecurities and the thrill of reaching the goals I set for myself. It’s a positive, fun journey that has taken me from living it in my head to making it real! I’ve grown through transitions I was afraid of, and into opportunities and continuing successes I couldn’t imagine before working with Dominique in the coaching process. I am living happy, satisfied, and with peace. My life is balanced. It is the best gift I have ever given myself.”
Lee Y.
Physical Therapist, Cyclist