Dominique Renda Life Coach


Group Workshops
Women and Men
All Ages

Awakening Joy
Find your individual sense of well-being and identify how joy expresses itself uniquely through each of us.

Here and Now
Rediscover your passion and purpose. Today is where we live. Take a stake in the life you want and create it now.

Artful Healing
Open new frontiers of well-being through creative expression. Explore imagination, sensation, relaxation, greater balance, and joy while developing new and familiar aesthetic tools.

Journal Me Home
Discover your deeper self and your natural direction through creative journaling.

Visions Beyond the Empty Nest
Discussion and tools for parents moving through the process of launching teenagers into the world and creating a refreshed vision of their own futures.

Poetry of the Heart
Find your own creative voice through freeform language.

Midlife Renaissance
Explore the possibilities of this fertile time of rebirth and cultivate the blossoming of your second stage of life.

Photographic Perspectives
Take an insightful adventure into photographing your perspectives, deepen self-learning, and open a visual and strategic lens into your future.

Dancing with the Muse
Engage in the creative world within and around us.

Living Consciously
Learn basic meditation, visualization, and practical tools for living in intention.

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